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For ADT patients with advanced prostate cancer…
"Measuring testosterone levels helps to assess if biochemical castration has been achieved and maintained."
– Crawford 20181
Many men experience testosterone breakthroughs while on ADT therapy.2‑7
Testosterone breakthroughs produce PSA increases, mimicking progression to CRPC.2‑8
With rising PSA it is critical to ensure that T is below castration levels to prevent an erroneous diagnosis of castration resistance.9
Neglecting to assess testosterone will fail to identify levels above the desired target throughout the dosing period, including microsurges, and escapes.1
T levels should be monitored frequently in men receiving ADT to ensure T suppression is being maintained to target.**1
Adding a testosterone test to regular PSA assessment is simple to implement and can help address these concerns.1
Consider TRELSTAR® for proven testosterone suppression in patients with advanced prostate cancer.*
TRELSTAR lowered and maintained testosterone below castration levels.*†10
See Efficacy and Study Designs Below
Fewer testosterone breakthroughs than Lupron® in a head-to-head study.†11
  • 4 TRELSTAR escapes occurred within the first 2 months of therapy only
  • 11 leuprolide acetate escapes occurred throughout the entire 9-month study period
See Efficacy and Study Designs Below
Testosterone and PSA suppression regardless of strength.*†§¶11
  • >96% reduction in PSA level from baseline to end of study
See Efficacy and Study Designs Below

*Primary Endpoint Results:
Castration levels of serum testosterone (≤ 1.735 nmol/L; equivalent to 50 ng/dL) in patients treated with TRELSTAR 3.75 mg were achieved at Day 29 in 125 of 137 (91.2%) patients and at Day 57 in 97.7% of patients. Maintenance of castration levels of serum testosterone from Day 57 through Day 253 was found in 96.2% of patients treated with TRELSTAR 3.75 mg.


TRELSTAR is available in 3 convenient dosage strengths with distinct dosing schedules to meet the individual needs of your patients.‡10

TRELSTAR 3.75 mg
Efficacy TRELSTAR 3.75 mg: castration achieved at Day 29 in 125 of 137 (91.2%) patients and at Day 57 in 97.7% of patients. Castration maintained in 96.2% of patients from Day 57 through Day 253.
TRELSTAR 11.25 mg
Efficacy TRELSTAR 11.25 mg: castration achieved at Day 29 in 167 of 171 (97.7%) patients. Castration maintained in 94.4% of patients from Day 57 through Day 253.§
TRELSTAR 22.5 mg
Efficacy TRELSTAR 22.5 mg: castration achieved at Day 29 in 97.5% (117 of 120) of patients. Castration maintained in 93.3% of patients from Day 57 to Day 337.

Study Designs

3.75 mg: Based on a 9-month, multicenter, parallel-group, double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial comparing TRELSTAR 3.75 mg to leuprolide acetate (7.5 mg) in patients with advanced (stage C/D) prostate cancer (N = 284). Mean testosterone levels were calculated for Months 2 to 9. The primary efficacy endpoints were both achievement of castration by Day 29 and maintenance of castration from Day 57 through Day 253.10,12

§11.25 mg: In a study of similar design, patients received either TRELSTAR 11.25 mg (N = 174) every 12 weeks for a total of up to 3 doses (maximum treatment period of 253 days) or TRELSTAR 3.75 mg (N = 172) every 28 days for a total of up to 9 doses. The primary efficacy endpoints were both achievement of castration by Day 29 and maintenance of castration from Day 57 through Day 253.10

22.5 mg: In a non-comparative trial, patients received TRELSTAR 22.5 mg (N = 120) every 24 weeks for a total of 2 doses (maximum treatment period of 337 days). The primary efficacy endpoints included achievement of castration by Day 29 and maintenance of castration from Day 57 through Day 337.10

*50 ng/dL
Due to different release characteristics, the dosage strengths are not additive and must be selected based upon the desired dosing schedule.

ADT = androgen deprivation therapy; CRPC = castrate-resistant prostate cancer; GnRH = Gonadotropin-releasing hormone; PSA = prostate-specific antigen; T = testosterone

References +- 

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