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Trelstar is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist that differs from natural GnRH by a single amino acid.1 , 2

Trelstar has been engineered to deliver superagonist activity.3,4

  • Trelstar is a synthetic decapeptide analog of GnRH2
  • Trelstar differs from natural GnRH by a single amino acid substitution at position 62
  • In animal studies, Trelstar was found to have 13-fold higher luteinizing hormone-releasing activity and 21-fold higher follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing activity compared to natural GnRH1
  • 1 modified amino acid vs. 2 for leuprolide and goserelin7
  • High affinity in vitro for the LHRH receptor in the pituitary gland (6 x higher vs. leuprolide)7

In vitro studies. The clinical significance of this information is unknown.

LongER Half-Life 7,9
IncreaseD Receptor-Binding Affinity 7
Low Potential for Enzyme Cleavage 2,7
High Biologic ACTIVITY 7

Comparative Structure of GnRH Agonists: Amino Acid Sequences 8

  • The clinical significance of this information is unknown. Information is not to imply comparative efficacy/safety between the products; no head-to-head clinical trials have been conducted to compare the products.

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